Project Awesome Edinburgh

“I was feeling distinctly average before that session. And now I’m feeling significantly above average.”

Kate xxx, owner Crewroom clothing

The most badass, crazy, energetic workout of the week that can be found in Edinburgh!

Every Wednesday: 6.30am – 7.30am, Carlton Hill


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Shit To Remember

01. When is it?

For one hour every Wednesday, strangers and friends are encouraged to push through boundaries, chase down fears and, above all, to be themselves. We hug, we high-five, we belly laugh, we behave like overgrown children and we get ‘accidentally’ badass fit in the process.

Contact Captain Grant or Captain Steve for more info.

Shit To Remember

02. Who can take part?

Whether you’re vegan, an octogenarian, gay, straight, black, white, a leprechaun or a combination of all of the above – you’re welcome here. Even if you have a beard. We like beards.

Shit To Remember

03. Do I need to be fit?

We’ve got no desire to give you a six pack, we don’t want to talk about protein shakes or how fast you can run a 5k. We don’t really care if you can run at all. So long as you’re capable of smiling – you have all the skills you need to show up for a session. If you’re not capable of smiling, come anyway – we’ll break you soon enough.

04. Meet the tribe!

You are awesome. You may not know it yet, but you are now way more awesome than the day you bashed your way out of your mother and into the world, and tomorrow you will be awesom-er still.

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