Abby Fraser-Davidson

“Life’s too bloody short not to have fun!”

A runner and lover of silliness, Abby can usually be found in something elasticated eating peanut butter whilst convincing people to sign-up for a race or join the Project Awesome crew! But things weren’t always that way.

Back in 2014 Abby had just graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre and Acting (yes, they mark you on jazz hands) and was just about surviving office life. But she had a funny feeling in her toes that there must be more to life!

Flash forward to May 2015, she completed her first half-marathon and had fallen in love with running. Put simply, it gave her life an awesome kick in the butt!

Since then she’s been on adventures big and small. From getting married in Fiji to running around the Pentland Hills outside Edinburgh. Completing a marathon and the biggest obstacle race in the world. Always with a massive smile on her face and a cheesy tune to dance to!

Edinburgh Co-Captain

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