Anna Cathro

“I’ll be the rainbow throughout the storm”

Edinburgh Co-Captain

Anna is a complete speed junkie – She was a Scottish medallist in hurdles, high jump and even heptathlon as a junior and is now transferring that speed to the longer stuff including trail events, night runs and OCR events all over the country.  Downhills are her favourite and she has Strava segment records world-wide at paces that are mind-boggling!

When she isn’t running or brightening up everyone’s Day at project awesome she is hanging out with her three amazing dogs, Roo, Vegas and Storm….or crunching numbers in her day job as an accountant!
As a running coach for children Anna is passionate about getting people involved with fitness in all shapes and forms.  She wants to make fitness about having fun and this is defininitely something she brings to the Project Awesome sessions in Edinburgh.  It’s all about the music for Anna – there is no such thing as too cheesy for her!
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